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How to Use MyHeritage Deep Photos to Animate Old Pictures in 3 Easy Steps

Have you ever wanted to alter pictures from the past to make them look more lively? Fortunately, you can use MyHeritage Deep Photos to animate old photos from PC, Android, and iPhone with some exciting effects. We had so much fun taking our childhood images from the 80’s and giving them new life, and we know you’ll have a good chuckle, too.

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How to use MyHeritage Deep Photos to animate old pictures

After you download and install MyHeritage, you’ll need to follow a few basic steps to get started. We promise that there’s nothing complicated about it, and you’ll be animating images in no time.

Step 1: Sign up for an account

Firstly, you’ll need a free account before you can use the MyHeritage app. Once it loads on your screen, it will prompt you to insert your email address, user name, and password. You’ll also need to confirm the email with a link.

Step 2: Upload a photo

Before you can animate an image, you need to upload it. You’ll need to scan it into your computer or take a pic with your mobile device. Ensure that the photo is crisp and clear so that the A.I. has an easier job creating the movements and effects for you.

Step 3: Animate the image

Now the fun begins. Tap the image where you would like the animation to occur, and then select the icon at the top. You may have to wait a few seconds or minutes for the A.I. to complete the animation. You can complete this step a few times until you find the effect that works the best.

Bring the past back to the present

We’re sure many of you will have an enjoyable experience animating your grandparents’ images from your old photo albums. Instead of letting them gather more dust, it’s time to bring some life back into them. Feel free to also share the effects with your friends on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

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